Temp and Humidity Test Chamber - Testing Lab

Temp and Humidity Test Chamber

-65°C to 190°C
10%-95% humidity
17" cubic interior
programable and networked

Machine Title

temperature/humidity test chamber




Extreme temperatures may cause injury.
Wear PPE when handling items from chamber.
Components, such as batteries, may fail, explode, or combust when heated or cooled.
Do not subject components to temperatures beyond their safety rating.
Prepare a safety plan explaining what measures to take in case of component failure.

Machine Purpose

subject a device to set temperature or temperature cycles

Training necessary

by help session

Material Limitations

Test item materials must not damage the chamber.

Working Dimensions

17" x 17" x 18" ht.


4" dia  port allows probes and device wiring

two 16" x 16" shelves


ramp and soak cycles via control panel

export via USB

network monitor and program


-65C to 190C

10% - 95% humidity


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Daily fee

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