Hydraulic Iron Worker - Cold Metals Lab

Hydraulic Iron Worker

Min. Punch Daimeter: 3/16"
Max. Punch Diameter: 1" 1/16"
Angle Iron Sheer
Max. Flat Sheer Material Thickness: 1/2"

Machine TitleHydraulic Iron Worker
SafetyDo not hold material while punching or shearing, do not shear material shorter than 6 inches
Machine PurposeShear, notch, and punch metal
Training necessaryMetal Fabrication Training
Material Limitationsno material over 3/8in
Working DimensionsMax shear length 18in
AccessoriesBack stop and alternate punch sizes
Software or File TypeN/A
Tooling1/8 to 1-inch punches and notcher tooling
NotesBe sure the selector is on the correct equipment before powering on

    • Edwards Iron Worker Manual
    • Edwards Iron Worker mHUB User Guide

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