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Desktop Injection Molder

.125" nozzle
1 cubic inch/17cc shot
manually operated
17g of pp per shot

Machine TitleModel B-100 Injection Molder
Machine PurposeTo mold plastic
Training necessarySchedule a help session
Material Limitations600f deg thermoplastics
Working Dimensions.125" nozzle, 1 cubic inch, 17g of PS by weight

Aluminum caviety molds for urethane/3d printed molds

Cavity Dimensions: 3.30"W x 2.00"H x 1.00"D

Cavity Dimensions: 2.25"W x 2.00"H x .75"D

Cavity Dimensions: 3.30"W x 2.00"H x 2.00"D

Software or File Typenone
ToolingMachined cavity molds to accept 3d printed molds, urthane cast molds, or machine your own on the tormach
Notes:See for more tips, trips and details.

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