Roland MDX-50 - Plastics Lab
Roland MDX-50

Roland MDX-50

Mill Circuit boards
auto z sensor

Machine TitleRoland MDX-50
Safety DeviceEnclosure
Machine PurposeMachining plastic, non-ferrous parts, and PCB Boards
Training necessaryShop training session
Material LimitationsNo Ferrous Metals (Aluminum & Brass only)
Machine Specs15.80"x12.00"x5.315", 4500-15000rpm, 0.3in to 141.7 in/min
Accessories6 ATC, auto z sensor, 
Software or File TypeRML/NC Code, SRP Player
Tooling0.250in or 0.125in shank
Machine Reservation Calendar
Schedule of Availability

    • Fusion 360 Tool Library
    • 6/12/20

    • MDX-50 Factory Guide
    • PC Board CAM Quick Start
    • SRP & General Cutting Guide
    • SRP Player CAM

    1. Download the tool library for Fusion 360 from the mHub website 
    2. In Fusion 360 preferences make sure Cloud Libraries are enabled
    3. Navigate to the tool library
    4. In the tool library right click on cloud and import tool library, selecting the tool library you downloaded from the mHub site

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