[Cold Metals] General Information - Cold Metals Lab
[Cold Metals] General Information
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[Cold Metals] General Information

Cold Metals:
Where we turn stock into chips

LabCold Metals
SafetyAlways wear safety glasses, pay attention to flying metal chips, heavy objects, and hydraulic equipment
Area PurposeCutting, drilling, shaping, and subtractive processes of metal & plastic
Training Regularly Scheduled (Day)Cold Metals Basic (F), Tormach I (Tues), Tormach II (M/W/TH/F)
Trainings that require a Help SessionSheet Metal Equipment, Manual Mill, Hydraulic Equipment
Material LimitationsNo wood

Located at the western edge of the building, in the main lab space between hot metals and textiles

Accessories and ToolingDrill Bits (variety): Fraction, Letter, Numbered, Metric. Reamers, Taps, Endmills (variety), 3 Lista Drawers w/ various metalworking accessories, Daily and Rentalable Work Tables, Vise Cart, Arbor Presses. Small metrology area, vacuum plate
Material for PurchaseVariety, located in the rolling cage, sold by the lb. 
Scrap MaterialDrawers located between Tormach CNC Mills
Shop Staff Contact

Quinn Campbell: Quinn@mHUBChicago.com

NotesTraining required for all machinery.

    • 10 Milling Toolpaths for Your First 2D CNC Machining Project
    • All Machine Assets (fusion 360, HSM advisor)
    • 7/26/22

      This file contains the Tool Libaries, machine parameters, HSM advisor machine set ups, HSM advisor tooling profiles for all machines listed below






    • Climb Vs Conventional Milling - Quick Guide
    • CNC Machining - The Basics
    • CNC vs 3D Printing
    • Depth of Cut Guide
    • Dial Indicators - Quick Guide
    • Everything you wanted to know about drilling
    • Fundamentals of CNC Machining
    • How to use a caliper - Quick Guide
    • HSS Lathe Tool Grinding Guide
    • Lathe Work Holding
    • Material Drill/Reamer/Tap SFM Guide
    • mHUB Available Work Holding
    • Mill CAM Sample Part
    • This is a Fusion 360 file for members who want to learn how to use the Tormach CNC but don't have a project in mind yet. To create this part you will need to purchase this -> https://www.mcmaster.com/8975K14-9140T145/ stock from McMasterCarr.

      The part is a dead stock clamp that affixes to vices, involves 2 parts and multiple setups.

    • Mitutoyo Measuring Guide
    • Reaming Guide
    • ROI Guide for Machining
    • Tap/Drill Guide
    • Trochodial Milling - Quick Guide
    • Vacuum Plate User Guide


  1. Download the tool library package for Fusion 360 from the mHub website (located under Cold Metals General, Software->Fusion 360 lab areas)

  2. In Fusion 360 preferences make sure Cloud Libraries are enabled
  3. Navigate to the tool library
  4. In the tool library right click on cloud and import tool library, selecting the tool library you downloaded from the mHub site

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