[Plastic Lab] General Information - Plastics Lab
[Plastic Lab] General Information
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[Plastic Lab] General Information

Plastics Lab
Cold work and hot form plastics.


Plastics Lab


Beware of hot elements and molten plastic

Area Purpose

To shape, form, squeeze, bend, inject plastic.

Trainings By Help Session

All equipment requires training. All equipment training is done by help session

Material Limitations

Dictated by the machine you intend to use. No ferrous metals on CNCs.


Located in main work lab room besides electronics, and CNC.

Accessories and Tooling

Located in the Lista Drawer and by individual equipment.  Hold downs for CNC, mud boxes, work table, reducing windows for vacuum former, 

Material for Purchase

A small selection of small CNC bits. Plastic for vacuum former

Scrap Material

Testing materials for injection mold available, not for production use.

Shop Staff Contact

Quinn Campbell: Quinn@mHUBChicago.com



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