Company Onboarding 2023

Company Onboarding 2023

  • Company/Project Information
  • If you don't have a company name, please write your full name.
  • Exact dates are hard to remember, you can give us an estimate on the month and year.

  • Enter the your last round of funding or current funding status.
  • Company Logo Please upload your file as eps or ai.
  • Company Username and Password
    The username and password entered below will be used to access your company's profile. This profile will be home to billing, receipts, and other admin functions but will be separate from your individual user profile.
  • Password must contain at least: 1 Lowercase letter, 1 Uppercase letter, and 1 Special character (ex. #$%&)
  • Organization's Primary Contact
    Who is the primary contact for your company (leader of your team at mHUB)?
  • Please enter your perferred payment method for membership dues, material purchases, or other rentals. You only need to provide credit card OR bank information. You will not be charged until your membership starts.

    • Select which payment method you'd like to use.

    • Your credit card will be tokenized and encrypted for future payments
    • Select Month
    • Select Year
    Your payment information will be saved to your account for your convenience and for future approved transactions.

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