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We currently offer a loyalty program that will reward you for interacting with our brand across a multitude of channels. As a member you will earn points for specific activities completed. These points can then be used to purchase merchandise, gift cards and more.

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Become a member of the mHUB Membership Program to gain access to member only experiences.

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Reserved Desk

Settle in with a dedicated desk and storage to call your own, along with the benefits of co-working and full-time shop access.

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Earn Points For:

  • Reserved Desk Initiation Bonus
  • Reserved Desk Renewal Bonus
  • Small Office Initiation
  • Small Office Membership Renewal
  • Medium Office Initiation
  • Office Medium Renewal
  • Office Large Initiation
  • Office Large Renewal
  • Small Garage Initiation
  • Small Garage Renewal

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