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Outernet Embedded Linux Developer

About Outernet 

Outernet is a satellite broadcasting startup that provides a global data delivery service. We are building a universal information service to ensure that everyone in the world can have access to information, education, and entertainment—in even the most remote and disconnected environments. It’s the modern version of shortwave radio. 

We create hardware, firmware, and applications related to our content delivery network. We are looking for an embedded software developer to join a small team of four working on a very large problem. 

More about Outernet: MIT Technology Review Wired Gizmodo 

About the Role 

You with developing software for various Outernet products, specifically resource-constrained satellite receivers. One of the responsibilities of the role will be to maintain an Armbian distribution so that the receiver is useful for non-technical customers and relevant to those who are highly technical. If you are familiar with running an RTLSDR on a Raspberry Pi, you’ll be right at home with Dreamcatcher, which integrates an SDR and SoC on the same board. 

Responsibilities and Requirements 

  • Creating board support packages/system images for ARM-boards with integrated radios 
  • Packaging applications for easy installation on targeted embedded Linux platforms 
  • System customization, bring up, performance tuning 
  • Experience with embedded Linux software and hardware - dealing with GPIOs, SPI, I2C, embedded displays, sound, etc 
  • Familiarity with Linux networking stack 
  • Enjoying the challenge of making hardware do things it was never designed to do 

Bonus points

  • Ham radio license or SDR enthusiast 
  • Familiarity with Buildroot and Debian 
  • A loose understanding of digital signal processing, as it relates to wireless communications 
  • Being able to read a schematic 
  • Handy with a soldering iron 

What's in it for you 

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience. 
  • Autonomy to build the best product you can imagine. 
  • If you would be doing this sort of thing for fun, you might as well get paid for it. 

Inquiries can be sent to jobs@outernet.is

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