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Thermoform Heat Extraction Panel

Heat extraction components to be manufactured and potentially assembled. The module consists of a
thermoformed corrugated sheet and an aluminum sheet that are adhered at several bonding locations and sheet perimeters to form a watertight assembly. Alternatively, twin sheet thermoforming may be used to fabricate the full module using two sheets of thermoplastic.

The assumed material is polypropylene; however, we are interested in pursuing alternatives in
order to optimize weight, rigidity, and heat transfer. Additionally, aluminum gauge, grade, and
adhesive are presently being determined.

The completed assembly will need to be watertight and
withstand the operating conditions listed below.
Expected Working Conditions
• Max/min temp range: 30 to 170 F
• Daily thermocycling
• Internal fluid pressure: 3 psi
Estimated Thermoform (single sheet) Dimensions
• X: 889mm (35.0 in)
• Y: 95mm (3.75 in)
• Z: 1626mm (68.0 in)
• Sheet thickness: 3.12mm (0.125 in)

Contact Hamza for more details or to set up a time to go over drawings.

  • Company Name: IcarusRT
  • Compensation: TBD
  • Location: Both
  • Duration: < 3 Months
Contact: Hamza Ayyoub at

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