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Converting Arduino Heating Circuit to PCB

We are Acorn Genetics, a portable sequencer company, looking to make our miniature PCR machine more scalable by designing a printed circuit board instead of our Arduino heating board.

We need a PCB that can supply voltage to heat three aluminum blocks, each at a different temperature (Aluminum Block 1 = 96C, AB2=54C, and AB3= 72C) consistently for 20-30 minutes. There is a bit of room for error since we can be within +/- 2 degrees of the allotted amount. The PCB needs to be fairly small, since the aluminum blocks are about 8mm by 60mm. More details can be allotted at the time of our first meeting.

Project would need to be completed by May 1st. We will only request two in person meetings, both of which will happen an mHUB (1 at the start to show you our current design, and 1 at the end to test our new board). We anticipate this project taking less than 25 hours, and if it can be completed by April 15th, would offer an extra $500 as a completion bonus.

  • Company Name: Acorn Genetics
  • Compensation: $2,500, 25% at start 75% at completion, open to negotiations
  • Location: Both
  • Duration: < 3 Months

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