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Mastering your Market Pt. 2: Value Proposition Canvas

In this interactive workshop, Thierry Van Landegem, Executive Director of mHUB’s Accelerator will teach you how to use the Value Proposition Canvas, a classic design thinking tool that illuminates the elements of a winning value proposition. Attendees will use the canvas to explore: 1. Customer group's pains, gains, and jobs-to-be-done. 2. The way those link to a company's products/services, 'pain relievers,' and gain creators.

Tuesday March 21, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
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Classes Curriculum Customer Discovery Discovery

Mastering your Market Pt. 2: Value Proposition Canvas

The value proposition workshop follows the customer development workshop. Based on validated hypothesis and assumptions through customer discovery, Thierry Van Landegem, Executive Director of mHUB’s Accelerator, will provide a framework to define the job to be done. From there we will build the value proposition of your product / service / business. We will run a few exercises to strengthen your value proposition.


Please come prepare with your customer validated product hypothesis and assumptions resulting from the "Mastering your Market Pt. 1: Customer Development" workshop.


You will leave the workshop with:

  • A new or updated Value Proposition.
  • An understanding of ecosystem and context map.
  • A description of your product/service and the value it creates.

*Attendance in person is preferred, but possible on-line. *

Mastering your Market Pt. 2: Value Proposition Canvas

Hosted By Jerries Azar

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