• Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

    5/19/2022 2:00:00 PM


    Join mHUB's Engineer in Residence Bob as he reviews Falure Mode and Effect Analysis. In this brand new class, participants will learn about FMEA and when to deploy the analysis. The class will explore common definitions, explain the scoring system and calculations that ID ways a product or process can fail, and provide an overview of how to conduct a FMEA

  • B2B Sales: Cold Calling Workshop

    5/20/2022 11:00:00 AM


    The sales process is crucial to a start-ups growth, whether your company is big or small. Cold Calling can have an immediate impact on your bottom line, but most people don't know where to begin. Led by Maureen Wozniak of the BBB, this class will cover the basics of cold calling including: how to get to the decision maker, how to close more business, and what to consider when giving pricing.

  • Partnering to Drive Success: collaboration agreements and protections

    5/24/2022 2:00:00 PM


    Led by Heather Harper of Harper Legal, this class will take you through the process of partnering with larger, established companies from the perspective of pilot and collaboration agreements and integrations. This class will teach you what larger companies look for when looking to partner, how to evaluate risk, protect yourself and your business, and set expectations of delivering proportional value.

  • Preparing for Production Launch

    5/26/2022 1:00:00 PM


    In today’s world of complex products being built across global supply chains, it’s more critical than ever to have your T’s crossed, and your I’s dotted before you pull that trigger. Full control over design data, scheduling, and production expenses, along with clear communication throughout the team will be needed to reduce your risk. Taught by Jim Shaw of Fastway Engineering, this class will teach you how to create, and close out, the ultimate Production Readiness checklist.

  • Growing your Team

    6/1/2022 3:00:00 PM


    Talent is the new business currency. The best ideas only come to fruition with a great team. It’s important that your team is aligned a common vision and has the skills to be able to navigate the challenges that lay before you. In this class, you will learn how to build an effective team and culture that accelerates your business towards its objectives while also pushing you to be stronger.

  • Manufacturing and Quality Control

    6/23/2022 2:00:00 PM


    Everybody says they have “high quality”, but what exactly does that mean? Getting to production is hard enough, but as time goes on expectations rise from customers and investors alike. Additionally, uncontrolled production processes can present an unseen business risk. This class will attempt to answer the question “What is Quality?” and “How do we measure and control it?” Hosted by Jim Shaw, with special guest Nathan Jones, who is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt at Ford Motor Company.

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